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Spring Weddings in Massachusetts: Pros/Cons, Tips and Tricks

Spring weddings are literally so dreamy. Here’s a little tidbit about Olio – we're a year-round event space! Yes, 12 months and 365 days of the year.

Being so close to Boston, we get four distinct seasons and host weddings for each season. We love summer, fall, and even winter weddings. Today, however, we want to talk about spring weddings. 

Spring is a popular season to have a wedding. There’s a ton of information out there on spring weddings – from color palettes to clothing to themes and more! But here’s the million-dollar question...

Why should you consider a spring wedding? Well, let us tell you ALL THE REASONS! 

By the way, I'm Sarah, the owner/operator of this fabulous and historic building and, after coordinating hundreds of weddings in all seasons with my other business, Without A Hitch, I have lots of expertise to offer. Spring weddings have lots of opportunities and some distinct challenges. Read on....

Bride and groom holding hands on wooden outdoor staircase surrounded by luscious spring greenery, cloudy sky
Photo by Amanda Macchia Photography


Spring Wedding Pros 

Let’s start with a few of the best parts about spring weddings. 

Spring Wedding Decor 

We won’t lie to you. The decor of spring weddings is one of the most popular and compelling reasons to have your wedding during this season. There are loads of springtime wedding themes to choose from. Try crates filled with flowers for a rustic spring look. Want a more tropical theme? Incorporate palm fronds, orchids, and maybe some wicker chairs. With lots of greenery, indoors or outdoors, you can have a nice garden theme. And these are just a few of the traditional spring themes available! There are loads of nontraditional ideas out there too. 

Wedding party standing outside posing, lighter spring outfits, pastel bridesmaid dresses
Photo by Nicole Hunt

What about attire? Your clothing is just as much a part of the decor as everything else! Whether it’s soft pastels or bright colors, spring weddings reflect the bright, lively nature of the season. Consider sundresses or lighter jackets if the sun is shining and the weather is warm. 

Venue Options

Some venues don’t stay open for events year-round, so early spring time (March/April) might not work, especially for tented venues. While we love outdoor venues and fresh air, keep in mind the challenges associated with it. We're on "team indoor venue" all day, every day! Bring in lots of greenery for a garden look.

Brightly decorated wedding venue, floral bouquets and colorful drinks and glasses, spring wedding decor
Photo by Angelina Rose

More Guest Availability 

Another thing about spring is that many of your desired guests may be able to take this time off for the wedding. Summer can get clogged with guests' vacations, and the fall and subsequent holiday season can fill up social calendars. If you’re looking at a larger guest list, spring can be an easier time to get everyone together for your big day. 

Good Weather 

Yes, we know that New England weather can be fickle. You are probably hoping for sunshine and flowers on your big day instead of rain. Spring can bring delightful moments of sunshine, offering vibrant outdoor shots or indoor captures bathed in natural light through expansive windows, like ours.

Couple exchanging vows in spring wedding, floral decorations on wedding arch, natural light coming through windows
Photo by Brett Crawford


Spring Wedding Cons 

And, of course, every season comes with its own challenges to overcome. Here are some downsides you may want to consider as you're planning your springtime wedding. 

Higher Prices 

Peak wedding season usually starts in May, at least in New England. So, depending on when your spring wedding takes place, those prices may be creeping upwards. You may be alright with a late March date, but if you want something in May or early June, it’s best to check the rates of your venue and vendors before you solidify your plans. You don’t want to accidentally break the budget! 

More Places Are Booked 

Right alongside those rising prices is lower availability. As the peak wedding season begins picking up, more venues and vendors are going to be booked. The rules of supply and demand apply to the wedding industry, too, so make sure you book things early if you want a spring wedding – we're talking many months in advance. 

Bad Weather 

Now it’s time to talk about the downside of that fickle New England weather. You can expect and hope for a beautiful sunny wedding day, and the forecast may even tell you it’ll be just that. But as the date gets closer, those forecasts may start to look more and more like rain. Whether you’re near Boston or not, rain is an important consideration for spring weddings. An indoor venue is highly recommended!

Bride and groom walking across Main Street crosswalk, post-rainstorm, rainbow overhead, springtime greenery
Photo by Nicole Maday

Massachusetts Spring Wedding - Tips and Tricks 

Okay, we’ve given you some of the pros and cons of spring weddings. Let’s turn that information into something practical. Here’s our list of important and essential spring wedding tips to make yours go smoothly: 

  • Watch for date conflicts - Spring brings graduations, proms and, in Boston, Marathon Monday on Patriots' Day. None of these should be an issue but you should examine your guest list to determine what conflicts might exist, especially for traveling guests.

  • Plan for Rain – So we’ve just told you to prepare yourself and your wedding guests for possible rainstorms, but how should you do that? Well, here’s a few ideas. First, you can buy classy umbrellas for guests, and you can even pair groomsmen and bridesmaids under umbrellas. Second, ensure that your hair and makeup are waterproof, and consider bringing a waterproof coat if it really looks like rain. Last, try to take advantage of the quieter moments in the storm to get some pictures in the moody rainy New England lighting. Maybe you'll get a rainbow!

  • Plan Ahead/Book Early – The later in spring you plan to have your wedding, the more important it’s going to be to book a venue and vendors far ahead of time. Make sure you check out venue rates early too. That way you don’t end up trying to book a venue that’s out of budget as other venues' availabilities are filling up. 

  • Explore Outdoor Activities – Your guests may not know all the nearby springtime activities there are to do, so try to provide ideas for them to do post-wedding. We have lots of great ideas near downtown Peabody to look at.

  • Tailor Your Decor and Catering – Floral arrangements with peonies, amaranths, and other spring flowers are sure to brighten up the day. You can also coordinate your catering with the spring theme by adding lots of citrus, bright colors, and floral-based cocktails! 

Wedding couple sitting at glamorously decked-out couple's chair filled with spring and floral decor and candles
Photo by Mary Nguyen

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to spring weddings. Excited to start planning? We’d love to get started with you! Please contact us today and we can begin the process of making your dream spring wedding a reality. 


Sarah Narcus 

Owner, Olio 


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