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Best Month To Get Married in New England

If you came here looking for the exact answer on the best month to get married in New England, I've got good news and bad news for you.

Good news: there is NO wrong answer here. There are pros/cons to each month and I'm here to tell you about them.

Bad news: there is NO right answer here. Sorry! You'll have to read through and see what you think is best and go from there.

Hi! We are Olio, an indoor modern and industrial event space just north of Boston, Massachusetts in a historic building. We are open for weddings and events 365 days of the year. This means we are very unique by New England standards which boasts many seasonal and outdoor venues. Check out our feature on why we love indoor wedding venues.

Of course, some months are busier than others (hello, October!), so we offer peak (May through November) and off-peak (December through April) as well as holiday pricing for our venue rental in order to give clients the most options.

Before we get into some great real-life examples with photos, here are some factors to consider when choosing a month for your New England wedding:

  • Weather: New England weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Seasonal events: If you want your wedding to coincide with a specific seasonal event, such as the fall foliage or the winter holidays, you'll need to choose a month that corresponds with that event. You may want to avoid certain events or holiday weekends for guest convenience.

  • Budget: Wedding costs vary depending on the time of year, not just for the venue but also for travel and other vendor fees.

  • Availability: Popular venues and vendors book up quickly, so it's important to start planning well in advance. If you have a specific date in mind, you may want to be more flexible on the choice of month or day of the week.

Ultimately, the best month for your New England wedding is the month that you and your partner feel is the most special. Consider your budget, your preferences, and the availability of venues and vendors when making your decision.

January Wedding in New England

We love a January wedding at Olio. As one of the least popular months to get married in New England, January is perfect to have less competition for your guests' attention. The holidays have passed and guests are looking for a reason to get out of the house and celebrate! If you choose January, just be aware of the risk of snow impeding travel. As long as we are allowed to travel on the roads, Olio will be open for you and your guests, but if you have a majority of guests from out of town, January might be a bit risky for air travel.

Pro Tip: Some couples choose Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend (traditionally the weekend of the 3rd Monday in January) as a fabulous option as many guests have time off from work.

Winter January wedding bride and groom share first dance
Lia Rose Photography

February Wedding in New England

Is a wedding the perfect February pick-me-up? We think so! February weddings full of lush greenery, velvety fabric, and warm candles are pretty much our dream. February is a fabulous opportunity to play with light and warmth at an indoor venue since the sun sets so early. Add in a live band and an open bar? We'd certainly be there!

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for Presidents Day weekend in February, which is observed the weekend of the 3rd Monday. Many guests will have that day off from work, and that is always the week of public school vacation in Massachusetts.

Madeline Barr Photo

Caroline Giuliano Photo

March Wedding in New England

Hello March! A perfect transition month from winter to spring means that you could get a chilly day or great sunshine. Such a gamble! March is ideal for couples who are looking to secure that off-season rate and plan a fabulous party.

Pro Tip: Consider a date in late March to take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight! Daylight Savings begins the second Sunday in March.

Molly Quill Photo

April Wedding in New England

Cue April, one of my favorites. Yes, there's a chance you get a chilly, rainy day. But you can smell the start of spring in the air and, if you're lucky, you'll have some beautiful budding foliage as a wedding backdrop for photos. And, lucky for you, still our off-season pricing. Days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger. You might need either heat or A/C in April, and luckily we have both!

Pro Tip: Just like February, April has a public school winter vacation the week of a holiday. Patriots Day is observed the third Monday and is not celebrated in every state in the US, but is generally observed in Massachusetts. Patriots Day is also the day of the annual Boston Marathon, which is an incredible event that guests may be excited to witness!

May Wedding in New England

We love May! Sunshine and blue skies and so much to do in New England. Everyone is venturing out after a long winter and a rainy spring and now we're ready for outdoor patios and photos and showing our legs. With a pretty good chance of fabulous weather, you'll definitely want to take some outdoor photos. May is a super busy month, so if you can fit your wedding in, you definitely should!

Pro Tip: May is graduation season for many Boston-area colleges and universities. This can impact pricing and availability of accommodations close to Boston, so keep that in mind if you are considering a Boston/Cambridge/Waltham venue.

June Wedding in New England

While we still adore a June wedding, this month has recently been booted off of its pedestal by October to win the "most popular wedding month in New England" award. But don't sleep on June! Gorgeous weather and the general "summer is almost here" vibe is in the air. You're generally not competing with the beach and the kids are still in school, so it's the perfect year-end celebration.

Pro Tip: June also kicks up the pest and allergy season in New England. This can be a hazard of an outdoor venue: ticks, flies, mosquitos, pollen. A great reason to choose an indoor, air-conditioned space!

July Wedding in New England

We love our July wedding couples, many of whom are teachers. July is the perfect month for public school teachers to tie the knot, have time to honeymoon, and still be back for the first day of school. The biggest concern for most July wedding venues in New England is the heat. But don't be scared! Olio is fully air conditioned so guests can get down without worrying about being too sweaty.

Pro Tip: Fourth of July weekend can be a wonderful time for a wedding as many guests are happy to travel and have time off. There are SO many good nearby fireworks shows in Massachusetts, the birthplace of the American Revolution.

August Wedding in New England

A fabulous summer month to tie the knot is August. Lots of people take vacations during August and it's a wonderful time to visit New England with SO much to do. The options are endless for your guests to explore and for you and your partner to have a mini-moon right after the wedding.

Pro Tip: Our August Saturdays always get scooped up fast. Because we do just one event per day, once a date is gone, it's gone. You'll want to book early to grab a summer spot.

September Wedding in New England

OK, I'll admit it. I'm partial to September. I got married in September and it was the BEST. Couples love this month for weddings in New England. The weather is usually mild, with average temperatures in the mid-60s. Early leaves are starting to change color, which makes for beautiful wedding photos.

Pro Tip: watch out for back-to-school travelers! Some couples love Labor Day weekend (we always sell out) and some prefer to stay away from the holiday.

October Wedding in New England

Winner winner, fabulous wedding dinner! According to our couples, October is the best month to get married in New England. Listen, we get it. Amazing weather, starting to get crisp and cool. Incredible peak foliage season. Apple picking. Outdoor fairs. Spooky season. Awesome hiking. Should we go on? Our proximity to spooky Salem simply adds to the magic. We love it too, just as much as you do. And yes, it snows in October in New England sometimes, per below photos.

Pro Tip: October in New England is extremely popular. There can be some competition for rooms and flights around Columbus Day weekend (popular for homecoming and parents' weekend at schools) and Head of the Charles (a Regatta in downtown Boston) but north of Boston is safe from both of these.

November Wedding in New England

There's a reason we include November in our peak season. In New England, wedding season doesn't end in October. Foliage has been peaking later and is often extending into November for those ideal burnt orange and red colors. November is guaranteed not to be too hot and also not to have snow. The best of both worlds for weather, and so much to do! Watch out for the time change the second weekend of November as you plan your ceremony start time.

Pro Tip: yes, we are open Thanksgiving weekend and it's a fabulous time to host a family-focused wedding! Inquire now for availability.

December Wedding in New England

Last but not least: December is a lovely month to tie the knot in New England. And it's not all about the holidays! The start of the month especially is the perfect time to incorporate those jewel tones into your color palette without starting to feel too Christmas-y. And who doesn't want to start to get into the holiday spirit with a wedding weekend? Maybe you'll be extra lucky and have a tiny sprinkling of snow for the perfect photo. Fingers crossed.

Pro Tip: Christmas and New Years are priced at our peak rates as they are very popular and typically sell out!

And there you have it! Our best analysis of each New England month for weddings. What month are you choosing to tie the knot? Contact us today and come for a tour with me to see Olio in person!



Owner, Olio


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