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1912 MEETS 2023

The 1912 historic building that was originally the Peabody Theater has been transformed into a 21st century historic wedding venue and event space. 

Olio is located on what is formerly the Sutton lawn and was designed by Edwin A. Earp and built by the Structural Cement Company of Lynn.  Work began on the theater in 1910 but was abandoned soon after due to financial difficulties. Finally, a new lease was signed in the fall of 1911 between Madden and McManus, the property’s owner, and Aechtler and McKinney, who managed Winthrop’s Dream Theatre.

The interior previously had a large stage with an extra story above it and used to hold an olio drop curtain (with a Venetian scene) as well as an asbestos curtain. 

The building was one of the country's first entirely concrete structures, and that historical significance remains relevant today.  It was built in the Colonial Revival style that was typical for theaters at the time and included many ornate details, including a vaudeville-style façade.  The theater was managed by the Strand Theatre group until 1957, at which time it was sold to a private investor and ceased operations.

From 1957 until 2018, the building had a variety of uses and much of the original interior and front façade was dismantled.  Most recently, the second floor was divided into compartments and used as storage space. Ellen and Sarah purchased the property at the end of 2018 and began renovating.

Opening Night

The opening night of The Strand Theatre on

April 9, 1912 launched with a new motion picture entitled, "Across Panama in 1912".

Original Capacity

The Strand Theatre seated 1,250 people at the time it opened and included a second floor balcony.

Original Details

The original hammered tin ceiling remained intact in the building until purchased by the current owners in 2018.

Original Architecture

There are two heights for the ceiling/roof due to the back "fly tower" area being an extra 20 feet taller to accommodate hanging curtains, screens, and rigging.


Thank you to the Peabody Historic Society for collecting and sharing these wonderful snapshots of Olio in its original glory as The Strand Theatre. 


From October 2018 to April 2019, Olio was under construction to reveal the space you'll experience today, one that was carefully crafted to honor the original character of the building.
The best way to see the space is in person.  Schedule a tour.
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