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Winter Weddings in Massachusetts: Venue, Ideas, Tips/Tricks

As a year-round indoor wedding venue, we love winter and are the first to encourage couples to think outside of the standard spring, summer, fall time frame for weddings in New England.

Why should you consider a winter wedding? SO MANY REASONS!

Winter Wedding Bride Groom Nontraditional Event Space Olio Snow North of Boston Massachusetts
Til Death Photography

Gorgeous Photos in Winter Weather

Who can resist the image of snow sprinkling down out of the gorgeous oversize windows? If you are feeling extra ambitious, shrug on a faux fur and head out to Main Street to walk around and take pictures with your photographer in the snow. Guests can stay inside with a drink while the newly married couple head outside to make memories to last a lifetime!

Pro Tip: Bring a backup pair of boots for outdoor photos and slip back into your dancing shoes once inside! Olio's hospitality room is the perfect place to store winter gear, hidden away.

Eschew Tradition

Perhaps you are a nontraditional person or looking to avoid some of the more traditional elements of a wedding. Winter weddings are perfect for this! Break the mold of the dozens of weddings you've been to in the past and do something unique and different.

Pro Tip: consider other nontraditional elements for your day, such as a non-white dress (for brides), non-floral centerpieces, unique lighting or decoration, or flipping the script on the traditional wedding timeline!

Winter Wedding Bride Groom Nontraditional Event Space Olio Snow North of Boston Massachusetts Ceremony Archway
Til Death Photography

Intimate Vibes and Décor in Winter

While Olio can accommodate a large guest count, there is something so intimate and special about having everyone you love in one warm, cozy room while it's cold or snowy or dark outside. Lighting can have a huge impact! Fill up the dancefloor to heat up the room, and consider lounge seating areas for guests to sip a drink and catch up.

Pro Tip: long dinner tables add an extra cozy vibe. Candles and greenery make fabulous décor elements, especially in the winter!

Winter Wedding Bride Groom Nontraditional Event Space Olio North of Boston Massachusetts Tables Greenery Candles Lights
Paul Robert Berman Photography

Great Reason to Celebrate

Let's be honest, sometimes winter can be a bit of a bummer in New England. Early sunsets, gray days, bitter cold. What better way to combat the seasonal downers than having an incredible love story to celebrate? The fabulous meal and dance party don't hurt either.

Did you know? Olio has special New Years Eve hours. Inquire now for availability. Can you picture a fabulous countdown at midnight, and then celebrating NYE as your anniversary for many years to come?

Pro Tip: consider a holiday weekend like MLK Day or Presidents Day for your guests' travel ease.

Winter Wedding Bride Groom Nontraditional Event Space Olio New Years Eve North of Boston Massachusetts
New Year's Eve, captured by Mikhail Glabets

Off-Season Rates and Winter Availability

It's no secret that winter is a bit quieter in the wedding and event world. The great news for you is that can lead to significant savings during the "off-peak" season. As a year-round wedding venue, our December-April rates are lower than our peak May-November season. Other wedding vendors may have similarly discounted pricing, or offer special "extras" to their winter couples.

Besides the potential to save a few dollars, availability tends to be much more open in the winter months. This is true not just for your vendor team, but also for guests who don't have back-to-back weddings and other commitments.

Pro Tip: there is still so much to do north of Boston in the winter. Check out Salem So Sweet, local museums and breweries, nearby skiing mountains, casinos and bowling.

Pro Tip: check out our guide to wedding budgets for lots more great info!

Winter Wedding Bride Groom Nontraditional Event Space Olio Snow North of Boston Massachusetts Fur Wedding Pary

Winter Wedding Tips

As you can see, there are so many wonderful reasons to choose a winter wedding in New England! As you move forward with your plans, consider these few final winter-specific tips.

  • Plan for an earlier ceremony. With an early sunset, most winter weddings start around 4pm.

  • Budget to provide transportation. A shuttle bus for your guests is a great feature so they don't have to think twice about the slush and snow.

  • Provide guests with nearby Things To Do. Guests may not be as familiar with all of the winter activities nearby.

  • Tailor your menu and bar. Consider a Hot Toddy or warm cider, a soup course, or local winter fruits and veggies.

Totally sold and ready to start planning? We can't wait to show you around! We love when you submit an inquiry form and promise a quick reply. Let's make your winter wedding dreams come true!

xo, Sarah Narcus

Owner, Olio

Sarah Narcus wedding entrepreneur Olio

Winter Wedding Photo Inspiration in New England


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