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Haunted Wedding Venue: Spooky Nuptials!

Oh hello there. Did you land here looking to learn more about a haunted wedding venue? Well, have I got the spot for you.

Presenting Olio: a 110-year-old theater that may or may not be a haunted wedding venue (we like to think so) and that totally can have spooky wedding venue vibes.

Haunted wedding venue, spooky event space
43 Main Street, April 2019

A Tad Bit of Haunted History

Our building is located at 43 Main Street in downtown Peabody in an old, historic building. The construction of the property began in 1910 but was quickly abandoned as the builder ran out of money. According to a newspaper article at the time, "All through the spring and summer of 1911 the unroofed walls stood... like an old ruin." Spooky!

Finally, a local theater owner purchased and finished renovating the property, which opened on April 9, 1912. Live shows (many vaudeville-style), movies, and presentations continued from 1912 all the way through 1957, hosting more than 1,000 people at a time. In the late 50s, the theater shuttered. Renovations "updated" the building, and turned the first floor into retail space while the 2nd floor (where we now hold events) was converted into storage.

And that is what the building remained from 1957 until 2018 (!!!). The building sat nearly empty and dormant, waiting for my mom and me to purchase it. When we broke ground in October of 2018, determined to repurpose the haunted building into a wedding venue, we had no idea what we were in for.

As part of the construction, we discovered many relics of the original theater days: film reels, glass bottles, nips, tickets, flyers, and newspapers. There is so much that happened in this building before most of us were born. The walls truly have a story to tell!

Haunted wedding venue

Haunted and spooky wedding and event space

Haunted and spooky wedding venue
Condition of building in October 2018 before construction

Haunted and spooky wedding venue
Items discovered 2018 construction

So Is Olio Really Haunted? Or Just Spooky?

To be honest, I don't know. I have had some visitors come in and claim to feel a strong presence or ghostly activity in the building. Given our location in Peabody, which was originally part of Salem, Massachusetts at the time of the famous witch trials, anything is possible. Is there unfinished business or a tragic past in the building? Unclear. What is clear is that the space is now used for incredible celebrations, parties, gatherings, weddings, shoots, and more.

Maybe it's the sage burning; it’s said that burning a bundle of sage can cleanse a space of any negative energy, generate clarity, and promote healing.

Haunted wedding venue photograph
Photo by Paul Robert Berman at Olio

Why Choose A Haunted Wedding Venue?

So you might be thinking: OK, that's cool that the building is old and has a lot of stories to tell. But why would I want to choose a haunted wedding venue?

  • Unique and memorable. A haunted wedding is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience that guests will never forget. It's a great way to stand out from the crowd and have a truly memorable wedding day.

  • Elegant and historic. Our haunted venue is elegant and historic, which can add a touch of romance and sophistication to a wedding.

  • Spirited and fun. A haunted wedding can be a lot of fun, especially if you're into the paranormal. You can have ghost-themed decorations, hire a psychic medium, or even have a séance. It's a great way to add some excitement and mystery to your wedding day.

  • Personalized. If you're a fan of ghost stories or the paranormal, a haunted wedding can be a great way to incorporate your personal interests into your wedding day. You can choose a venue that has a history of paranormal activity, or you can even customize your own decorations and rituals.

Haunted wedding venue two brides
Photo by Bella Wang at Olio

So in conclusion, is Olio a haunted wedding venue? I can't say for 100% sure but I'm leaning to yes. If you see a light flicker or hear an unexplained noise, you know why.

Are we a spooky wedding venue? Definitely yes, you just have to embrace that side of things! Dark and moody aesthetic for life.

Either way, come on in and see for yourself, and we'll keep an eye out for paranormal activity. Schedule a tour now.

See you there,

Sarah Narcus

Owner, Olio

Sarah Narcus entrepreneur wedding venue owner
Photo by Bella Wang at Olio


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