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Designing Your Dream Wedding Lounge Area 🛋

How much do we love soft seating lounge area at a wedding? SO MUCH. A gorgeous lounge may not be feasible for every layout and group but if you can swing it, it's a must.

A lounge area at your wedding can be a great, comfortable idea for your guests. Picture it: You've found your perfect wedding venue (hint: it could be Olio). Everything has been set up according to your plan, and your wedding ceremony has gone off without a hitch. The vows made everyone teary-eyed, the kiss made everyone cheer, and the exit kept the energy high.

Having lounge furniture at your wedding is the perfect way to give people a place to sit, relax, and recharge throughout a busy wedding, whether it be the guests or the happy couple themselves! Plus, incorporating your lounge into your wedding’s theme will really make the space your own. Sold on the idea of a comfy and thematic lounge area but not sure where to start? Lucky for you, we have some tips.

Hey there, we’re Olio. We’re a flexible indoor venue inside a historic theater building in Peabody, Massachusetts, north of Boston. We designed our space to allow clients to get creative while imagining how their big day will look. We’ve seen a lot of different types of wedding themes, layouts, and decor, so we know a thing or two about designing a lounge area that will fit your dream wedding. 

A married couple sitting on their wedding lounge furniture, green velvet sofa
Photo by The Justs

First, why add a lounge?

Yes, we love a lounge. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Aesthetic value - a gorgeous way to add to the overall vision for the wedding.

  • Soft seating - more comfortable for some folks than a chair

  • Various levels - we love when couples play with height in a space our size... tall and low chairs and tables add interest to the design

  • Flow - having a lounge set gives guests an option besides their assigned seat. This allows for a lovely flow during cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing so that guests aren't confined to a table.

  • Photo opportunities - yes, guests and celebrants alike love a place for a portrait or a selfie!

  • Games - we have seen lots of couples incorporate board games, card games, or video games into their lounge area (we're here for the nontraditional wedding ideas)

Now, how?

Leather sofas, rich drapery, sleek ottomans – there are a lot of arrangements to make your wedding lounge furniture pop while fitting the theme and look you want for your wedding. So, if you want to dump all of that planning-stage stress, then just read these tips and you’ll be lounging in no time.

Choose Functional Items  

We know it can be hard to choose function over fashion! Some lounge designs may just look so nice, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be easy to incorporate. But there are some workarounds. You'll want furniture that is study and ready for high-volume use. If you have an outdoor event, using items such as logs, hay bales, or pallets can work, reducing the need for actual furniture, but these may not be as comfortable. If you're looking to keep it simple and functional, choose smaller furniture pieces, which will make storing and moving a lot easier.

Wedding lounge furniture, small wedding seats, leather seats
Photo by Lynne Reznick

Consider Renting vs Buying

Another issue that may come with lounge furniture is the price. You'll have a choice as to whether to rent the furniture or purchase. Most clients at Olio choose to rent from a local vendor. This provides peace of mind that the furniture will be delivered, set up, styled, picked up, and will be in great condition. Rental options are unlimited these days! Whatever your style, you can find a lounge set for rent for the day.

If you're on a tighter budget, you could try to thrift your furniture. There are loads of quality lounge furniture pieces for your wedding just sitting in secondhand stores. Look for used pieces, hand-me-downs, or antiques. Not only will buying used furniture help you stay within your budget, but it's also an environmentally-friendly wedding practice that helps cut down on waste. The main thing to consider if you purchase your own furniture: who will transport, unload, set up, and break down the furniture?

Make it Personal  

Obviously, picking a wedding theme is personal already, but we think adding some personal decoration will only add to your wedding’s lounge area. Try incorporating some sentimental items like photos of loved ones, a neon sign with your names, or an item that’s special or an inside joke. These are all little details that can make the lounge area your own!  

A gay married couple sitting in their wedding lounge area, personal neon sign behind them
Photo by Amanda Macchia

Finding Wedding Lounge Furniture That Fits Your Theme 

Alright, we all know that this is the big one! Getting wedding lounge furniture that fits your theme can be tough with so much out there to search for. However, simple coloring and design can go a long way. Going for a Bohemian theme? Wicker chairs, bohemian rugs, and warm colors are some great choices. Want a classier ballroom look? Higher-end leather and velvet sofas may do the trick. If you’re struggling to find good pieces to fit the theme, consider hiring a professional interior designer or wedding designer for your lounge.

Bohemian retro wedding lounge with rug and coffee table

Match with the Right Decor  

One part of creating a cohesive theme is matching the lounge decor to the lounge furniture. Is your lounge a chic, glamorous design full of stylish black-and-white furniture? Drape some nice curtains around the area, and maybe throw up a disco ball. Going for a rustic wedding lounge with some haybales for furniture? Barrels for tables, glass vases, or wooden picture frames may all do the trick. Do your best to create one connected story throughout the lounge area that makes it your own! 

Framing Your Wedding Lounge  

Finding the right lounge furniture for your wedding’s theme is not the end of designing your wedding lounge area. You still have to decide how to arrange it. There are a number of methods to try. At Olio, we’ve seen many different layouts in our venue space, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Need to seat a lot of people but still want the area to look neat? Try to make the lounge symmetrical, with two sides perfectly mirroring each other. It can make the space look elegant and contained while allowing for a lot of seating space. Want to bring attention to certain decor? Lighting and floral arrangements can always do the trick. There are loads of different ways to make the space your own.

Framed wedding lounge furniture, wedding lounge decor
Photo by Allie Dowd

Work with Your Venue  

Another important thing to consider when choosing your wedding lounge furniture is how the venue's layout will affect how much room you have for your lounge. Don’t have the space to create the vast, extravagant lounge you expected? Don’t worry about it! Keep your scale in mind as you search for furniture and you’ll be surprised to find that you can make a small space just as luxurious and lavish as a larger space.  

Large event space, lounge furniture, wedding lunge furniture, cafe-style layout
Photo by Angelina Rose

Knowing your venue can also help you with fitting your wedding lounge area to your theme! A tent venue will be different than a hotel, which is different than a dark and moody historical venue. Choosing an indoor venue will look different than an outdoor venue. Make sure you understand how your venue will help contribute to your wedding’s overall aesthetic and choose your lounge furniture accordingly. Inspiration gallery below!

It’s also important to find a venue that will let you get creative with your lounge. You want to make your vision into reality, after all. Thankfully, we at Olio are here to do just that. When it comes to helping you make your dream wedding venue – we won’t just lounge around. Interested? Then we hope you’ll contact us! 



Sarah Narcus   

Owner, Olio 


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