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23 Centerpiece Ideas for your Massachusetts Wedding

At Olio, we love unique and nontraditional weddings but here's something that every wedding has in common: something in the middle of the table aka a centerpiece! Whether you are serving dinner or brunch or cocktail-style tables, you will want to consider what décor best suits you and your wedding style. We've started you off with some ideas below and keep an eye out, as they do not all include traditional flowers!

A quick about me: I'm Sarah Narcus, owner of Olio with 10+ years of wedding and event planning of experience in the greater Boston area. Olio is a unique event space in a modern/industrial setting in New England.

I've seen so many gorgeous and special centerpieces over the years so here are some highlights.

1. Classic White and Greenery Centerpieces

Is there anything more timeless than a simple white and greenery color palette? Of course, there are many ways to play this by changing up the flower type and linen color, but this style will always be "in."

Classic floral centerpiece white and green vase and concrete wall
Paul Robert Berman

Wedding centerpiece black linen white flowers and greenery with string lighting
Lindsey Camilli Photography

White and green wedding centerpiece candles with gold
Erin of Boston

2. Pretty in Pink, Red, and White Roses Centerpieces

Another classic choice is to use roses in your wedding centerpieces with lots of color options. Roses offer the perfect soft touch and come in bright, brilliant shades as well as soft, subdued colors.

Wedding centerpieces pink linen round table romantic roses
Brightly and Free

Floral Centerpiece roses pink white and purple concrete wall
Mark Davidson

Long table wedding centerpieces bright colorful roses
Starlight Photography

3. Bright Colorful Centerpieces

When in doubt, go bright! We especially love to see super bright centerpieces on darker linens or wooden farm tables as they pop right off. The multi-color bright centerpieces can also give a 90s vibe, if you play it right. Yellow, pink, blue, purple, perfection!

Bright wedding centerpieces yellow pink blue purple and candles
Lindsay Hite

Bright wedding centerpieces yellow pink blue purple and candles
Lindsay Hite

Farm table wedding centerpiece bright colorful pink cheesecloth
Peartree Photo

4. Tall Centerpiece Floral Arrangements Add Dimension

What a wonderful opportunity to add some height and dimension to your design plans by including tall centerpieces. Be warned: these can get pricier than low centerpieces. Some couples like to mix and match with low and tall, which has a beautiful and modern look.

Pro tip: ask your florist about stands that are open so guests can see through them for conversation.

Wedding centerpiece tall white and green with candles long tables and round
Caroline Giuliano

Tall wedding centerpiece round table greenery and flowers
Seamless Photography

Tall wedding centerpiece arrangements bright colorful
Angelina Rose Photo

Wedding centerpiece tall arrangement bright linen
Elizabeth LaDuca

Tall wedding centerpieces with candles round tables floral
Kelly Benvenuto

Tall centerpiece floral long table white chairs concrete walls
Amanda Macchia Photo

5. Feather Centerpieces

How fun are feathers?! Seriously adding so much color and texture to the table, especially combined with bright pink candles. This one came together perfectly with a colored water goblet as well. Go big or go home!

Feather centerpieces pink wedding gray tablecloth long and round tables
P. Taufiq Photo

Feather wedding centerpieces with uplighting round table
P. Taufiq Photo

6. Real Fruit Centerpieces

Pomegranate and Grapefruit (real!) were the perfect earthy addition to these winter floral arrangements. Combined with the greenery and flowers, guests had to look closely to see that they were really fruit, but once they noticed, it was the most unique and modern centerpiece that most guests had ever seen.

7. Small Bud Vases with Wildflowers

Where should we start with our love of bud vases? They perfectly fill the long tables, leaving enough space for conversation but adding height and variety. All kinds of different florals can be used and we adore the wildflowers for Kate and Kris below. Guests can easily take one (or more!) home.

8. Small Arrangements with Soft Colors

Similar to the bud vases above, using multiple small arrangements on the table can add dimension and options to the setup. These smaller vases arranged at the center of the round guest table fit perfectly.

Wedding centerpieces bud small vases with roses and greenery soft peach
Tatitati Art

Wedding centerpieces small vases candles round tables lights
Alanna Hogan Photo

9. Dahlias Forever

Need we say more? Dahlias are the best, ever. If you can fill your centerpieces with them in season, do not hesitate! One warning: guests may not be able to resist touching their perfect floral structure. 😍

10. Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Fall in New England for a wedding is just perfection. And why not incorporate your love of fall with some mini pumpkins? We love the white pumpkins for a bridal look!

Mini pumpkin centerpieces for wedding sweetheart table
With Love Photo

Wedding centerpiece halloween dark pumpkin skull
Renee Judith

11. Uniquely Shaped Vases for Centerpieces

Want to bring in a bit more interest to a classic centerpiece? Consider upgrading your vessel with a unique color or shape and it will bring a ton of visual interest to an otherwise standard centerpiece look. So fun!

Sweetheart table decor candles and flowers jars and vases
Vaysgant Weddings

Wedding centerpiece tall blue flowers long table
617 Weddings

Wedding centerpiece wood square vase dahlia roses and greenery and berries
617 Weddings

12. Candle Centerpieces

Oh everyone loves a warm and romantic candle look. There are so many different ways to display candles on guest tables, from tall (tapers) to short (votive) to blocky (poured). Candles come in all sizes and colors but be sure to get unscented and long-burning!

Pro tip: Ask your venue directly about their candle/flame policy as they may not be permitted.

Candles long wedding centerpieces romantic tables
Caroline Giuliano

Candle centerpieces wedding long table geometric
Jessie Felix Photo

Candle centerpiece on wood block for round wedding table
Brett Crawford

13. Cheesecloth Runner and Dried Floral Centerpieces

A terrific non-fresh floral option is to use dried flowers which also add a wonderful textural component. They are often light in color, as below, but also can be done in other hues. The cheesecloth runner on the table adds a softness to the design and can be ordered in any color of the rainbow.

Pro tip: Only use LED candles with dried flowers to reduce fire risk.

Wedding Centerpieces with Light blue cheesecloth runner taper candles dried flowers and votives
Essential Photography

Wedding centerpiece round table cheesecloth runner dried flowers taper candle
Amanda Macchia Photo

Sweetheart table centerpiece dried flowers cheesecloth runner romantic
Jessie Felix

14. Lush Floral Centerpieces with Greenery and Candles

If you take the candles and combine them with flowers and greenery, you get a modern centerpiece look that is all the rage. Our favorite part of this look is that there are a ton of ways to customize the specific flowers and greenery and candles for an endless combination of looks!

Pro tip: Real candles (if permitted) are a LOT of work to set up and take down. The majority of couples have their professional florist onsite for setup and breakdown, and choose to rent the candles and glass enclosures insteading of buying and transporting themselves.

Wedding centerpiece greenery with flowers big candles and string lights
Namaste Photo

Wedding centerpieces bright flowers red tablecloth
26 North Studios

15. Baby's Breath Centerpieces

Bright and cheery, baby's breath always feels cheerful and it can easily fill the middle of any table, as seen below. Guests will enjoy the scent and you'll love the look!

Baby's breath centerpieces long tables with candles
J. Nichole

16. Dark and Moody Centerpieces

If you are going for something with a bit more contrast, your centerpieces should too. We love how this centerpieces includes both dark and light colors, but none of the classic peach/pinks that we often expect. Definitely a WOW moment!

Dark moody wedding centerpiece with dried flowers gray tablecloth and red napkin
Nicole Hunt Photo

17. Disco Glam

Can we resist the return of the disco ball? No, no we cannot. What a brilliant way to add shine and sparkle by including disco balls in the wedding table centerpieces. That's certainly going to be a new one for guests!

Wedding centerpiece with disco balls and white flowers and greenery and silver spraypaint
Silk City Photo

18. Interactive Lego Centerpiece

For couples looking to have their guests take an active role in building their own centerpiece, Legos are just the thing! This couple put out a bowl of fun Legos which looked great, and guests had something to do throughout dinner service. Win/win.

19. Macramé and Spring Bloom Centerpieces

Boho-inspired macramé is making the rounds and we are HERE for it! It works perfectly in this image under lush spring-inspired blooms and the flowers and macramé work together to fill the center of this farm table.

Spring blooms long table wedding centerpiece with Macrame runner
Ella Farrell Photo

20. Sunflower Centerpieces

We are always so happy to see bright sunflowers fill up the venue! They never fail to put a smile on guests' faces so you cannot go wrong with these yellow blooms.

Sunflower wedding centerpieces yellow and green bright
Candidly Captured By Kathleen

21. Candles and Greenery Together

Another timeline look at Olio: utilizing both candles and greenery to wow your guests for their centerpieces. This can be a simple budget-friendly look but also make a big splash, especially as the lights go down at night.

Wedding centerpiece candles and greenery simple pink napkins white linens
Mariel O Photo

Wedding centerpiece greenery long tables
Amanda Macchia Photo

Wedding centerpiece long farm table taper candles greenery hurricane glass
Once Like A Spark

Wedding centerpiece greenery candles black linen long table
Allie Dowd

Low wedding centerpiece greenery and candles
Amanda Macchia Photo

Greenery and candles centerpiece at Massachusetts venue
Paul Robert Berman

22. Growler Vase Centerpieces

The perfect way to incorporate the newlyweds' love of beer! This particular couple saved growlers from their favorite local breweries over the course of a year, collecting them for the florist to build centerpieces in. Such a great way for the couple to personalize their centerpiece option!

Wedding centerpiece greenery beer growler vase
Erin of Boston

23. Hanging Centerpiece

Here's one that is super unique! A hanging centerpiece... the bride and groom sat directly under the hanging flowers, which adorned a beam at the venue. Such a cool photo opportunity!

Hanging centerpiece over sweetheart table flowers
Abigail Jean Photo

BONUS: Good Luck Centerpieces

We could not resist sharing just one more stunning centerpiece option from a recent wedding: the lucky cat! This kitty was placed on each table with a few candles and guests were positively smitten but the sweet character.

Asian wedding centerpiece good luck cat
Fern and Feather Studio at Olio

Asian wedding centerpiece good luck cat
Fern and Feather Photo at Olio

BONUS: Record themed centerpiece for the music lovers

Had to add one more into the mix!

So what did you think? Is there a unique, modern, or classic centerpiece in there that inspires you? Leave us a comment below and schedule your time to come tour and dream with us!

Always your resident wedding expert,

Sarah Narcus

Owner, Olio


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